Who we are


IMAP INTERNATIONAL is a market leader in offering geospatial services in the region. We provide government, non-profit and commercial business partners with custom-fit field data collection and adding value by using Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions. By matching the demand for innovative field data collection solutions with an agile business model and visionary leadership, we continue our rapid growth by competing for and winning high-profile business. We enhance customer value through comprehensive, accurate baseline solutions, while it continues to expand into data aggregation/verification, data conversion and consulting services.

What we offer

Our Solutions

The industry-focused solutions provided to public and private clients bring value to business through sharing quality solutions.

GIS Solutions

Our GIS solutions allow for the visualization of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management.

Spatial Plan

We provide innovative, and sustainable solutions for physical planning, spatial plan and urban development policies and frameworks

Remote Sensing

Imap offers to ensure accurate and cost-effective data collection which is important input for planning and designing of mapping projects.


We offer survey services that are complimentary to those provided by other consultants involved in the industry.


Environmental impact assessments ensure that the environmental implications of projects are analysed and understood prior to construction.


We offer a wide range of hands on Geo-spatial courses and endeavour to developing skills to various institutions and individuals