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We offer survey services that are complimentary to those provided by engineers, planners, architects, lawyers and other consultants involved in the design, development and construction industry. A full range of legal surveying services are provided to both the public and private sector such as plans of subdivision, reference plans for boundary resolution and land titles application, surveyors real property reports and topographic plans for land development. Engineering surveys include services provided on utility and pipeline corridors, highways, and large infrastructure projects.

This section consists of planning, sub-division, amendment of RIMs, preparation of deed plans among others. Engineering survey is a component in this division, which takes surveying measurements using tools like GPS, Total Stations e.t.c. Other services include:

  • Cadastral/Title Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Hydrographical Surveys
  • Establishment of survey controls using Differential GPS methods
  • Land Acquisition for infrastructure facilities

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